Band Bio

In the beginning...

     We began the project in September of 2014 with a group of experienced musicians brought together to do something new with their talent and love for music.  For the first time we brought together a group of friends with not only the musical talent and drive to succeed but the business experience as well.  The first year was a learning experience as far as adapting to the current state of the industry and finding the right mix of personalities.  3AM Is Here played their very first show at a music listening lounge in Venice, CA called the WitZend and most recently performed at The Mint in Los Angeles and Bar 20 in the Grafton Hotel on Sunset in West Hollywood, CA.  It seems we have found the right musicians and have learned what needs to be done to get the band's art out to the world.  

     The core of 3AM Is Here consist of musicians Willis McNeil and Greg Spann along with accountant and small business development consultant Eric Rocky Fleeman.  Our mission has always been to create beautiful and enjoyable music for the masses that will inspire a smile, happiness, romance, and the urge to get up and dance.  The current state of the music industry makes it very difficult to share musical art, so funding and support of the musical arts is always in need.  Especially since music can bring people together across financial, racial, and plitical boundaries.  We ultimately want to use our abilities to help under-served causes such as those suffering from Drug and Alcohol Addiction as well as the horrible torture of Crohn's Disease.  There is so much we would like to do but never enough time.  However, we are always willing to support a worthy cause if asked.  The members of 3AM Is Here love to create and play music, and each has dedicated a large portion of their life to that passion.  The current members of the band are guitarist and vocalist Willis McNeil, vocalist Carmen Roberts, bassist Greg Spann, lead guitarist Edwin Fontaine Jr., and drummer Junior Strong.  All of the songs thus far have been written and produced by Willis McNeil.  The business manager for the band is Eric Rocky Fleeman.  Each has vast experience and expertise that contribute to the music.